Dog Owners Policy

  1. Dogs are allowed in the Deli but must be on a lead at all times accompanied by their owners.
  2. Dogs are allowed on the Terrace where a water bowl and free dog biscuits are provided with our complements. Please DO NOT bring water bowls inside or upstairs UNLESS specifically requested by the owner in the Bistro. Water will not be provided inside the Deli/Bistro.
  3. Small dogs are allowed upstairs in the Bistro. They should remain on the floor and not on tables or chairs/banquettes. Small dogs can be on owners laps but not on furniture. All pets should remain on a lead at all times.
  4. Wherever possible guests with dogs will be shown to the tables at the rear of the Bistro where there is more space.
  5. We will serve guests with large dogs but only outside on our Terrace as we do not have the space for them in the upstairs Deli. Large dogs may be asked to be tethered outside at our discretion.
  6. Guide and assistance dogs are permitted upstairs in the Bistro with their owners.
  7. Our dogs policy ensures the comfort of all guests so they can enjoy our food and atmosphere to the best of our ability. Please be considerate to others when bringing your dogs into our Deli & Bistro.

Any questions, please contact us before visiting us with your furry friends.